6 months after invoice shipping date.











1 year after invoice shipping date.

Color Brightness: IPS>VA>TN
Viewing Angle: IPS>VA>TN
Response Speed: TN>IPS>VA
Contrast: Depends on design, each has its ops and cons.

8~12 weeks after the original factory confirms the responsibility.

INX industrial level products.

ex: LCM size/ resolution/ brightness/ interface/ application

Provide end-customer brand/ ODM/ quantity/ MP time and other related information, and the customer needs to have a meeting with the original factory to decide whether to open the case.

No products in stock, 16 weeks after placing the official order.

Industry: 5 years
Amusement: 5 years
Vehicle: 10 years

POS/ KIOSK/ ATM/ HMI/ Gaming/ Vehicle/ Industry

Regular(4:3 , 5:4): 3.5"/ 5.7"/ 10.4"/ 12.1"/ 15"/ 17" Wide (16:9 or 16:10): 7"/ 8"/ 9"/ 10.1"/ 11.6"/ 12.1"/ 13.3"/ 14"/ 15.4"/ 15.6"/ 17"/ 17.3"/ 18.5"/ 20"/ 21.5"/ 23.8"/ 26"/ 27"/ 31.5"

Customer application.. AD board/ LED driver/ interface/ lamination. As long as it is a standard LCM, the corresponding product can be provided.











1 year after invoice shipping date.

ex: CTP size / LCM AA area / interface USB & I2C / application

The touch panel will need: NRE cost/ mold cost/ tooling cost, if the specification is modified in the process, the cost is calculated separately (LCD is not in this specification).