Advantages of
Bando Chemical OCA

  • Great Thickness (300~2000um).
    1. For the optical bonding (Clearness, Good adhesion, reduce MURA).
    2. Absorb the printing gap, unevenness of the materials (such as Poly Carbonate).
  • Good optical reliability.
    1. Good for Automotive, Aviation, Marine, and Industries Display.
    2. NT-H has passed 85°C, 85%RH (HTHH), 95°C (HT), -40℃~+85℃ (Thermal shock)
    3. UV (Xenon 60W/m², 60°C, 50%RH), test for 1,000h.
  • Ready to use OCA. (No need to cure)
    1. Already cut to the requested size. Just peel a liner and laminate! Can be cut to the shape like corner cut, round, notch, and with hole.
    2. No need to cure such as UV or heat. It can cut curing process time cost. No need to worry about shrinkage issue at the curing.
  • Plastic cover lamination.
    1. NT-H can be used for both cover glass, and plastic covers such as PC, PMMA, and PC/PMMA composite material.
  • Curved cover lamination.
    1. NT-H is suitable for the curved lamination with its great adhesion and MURA resistance.