Touch Taiwan 2021

2021.4.8 News Year 2021

Why is NeoView

  • Decades of experience in the electronic and electrical industry.
  • Reputable and professional in distribution business and service.
  • Global service network with local service and support.
  • Insistence on long-term favorable cooperation and partnership.
  • Abundant inventory pool with flexible sales and shipping service.
  • Listen, open-discussion, brainstorming to tackle each mission with our partners.
  • Well-trained sales and product/project management team.
  • Superior Engineering & Development capability with in-depth technology support.
  • Quality and result oriented.
  • Passionate team with flexible management and organization.

NVST1000DB-Exhibit Information

NVST1000DB includes a high-performance timing controller supporting both grayscale and color EPDs of EInk large signage solution. A host SoC can communicate with this board through a USB interface to update the related contents.

Support EInk large 31.2”/42” display.

USB I/F communicate with SoC host.


E-paper display is a display technology that imitates the visual appearance of printing on paper without replacing the paper. With low power consumption, it can display pictures without a power supply if the contents are not changed , and there is a significant difference in Battery endurance when compared to LCD panels.

The E-paper display is a reflective, bistable display technology that uses materials similar to those used in the printing industry, but incorporates knowledge and technology from the fields of chemistry, physics, and electronic circuitry, relying on ambient light to illuminate images that are visible under direct sunlight, thus creating eye-care and energy-saving benefits.

Good for using in enterprises ,transportation, public area etc.With E-paper displays, as long as there is new information, it can be updated on the display directly, saving a lot of time on printing.

  • E lnk Bi-Stable technology.
  • No power needed to keep the image.
  • Low power consumption while screen refresh.
  • Reflective & no backlight display.
  • Sunlight-readable & 180-degree viewing angle .