NeoView Technology implements enterprise quick screening, protects each employee, and fulfills corporate social responsibility!

2021.6.16 Press Release Year 2021

Regretfully the COVID-19 epidemic in Taiwan is serious recently, the government has implemented a three-tier alert since May 15. Followed by the government’s policy, NeoView has implemented measures to divert work and work from home to stop the spread of the disease, leaving the necessary manpower at offices to protect employees and their families as quickly as possible, to do our part to prevent the epidemic in Taiwan.


After the announcement of the four major strategies for community screening, it was learned that rapid corporate screening could be implemented, NeoView has established its enterprise quick screening station to implement split quick screening and avoid clustering problems. At the same time, keep a safe screening environment with alcohol disinfection and temperature detection machines everywhere, provides the employees a safe and comfortable screening environment.


Glad the result after the quick screening is all negative, but NeoView still reminds employees that personal protective measures such as hand hygiene, cough etiquette, and wearing masks should still be implemented while reducing unnecessary movement, activities, or gatherings, and avoid crowds.

NeoView will actively cooperate with various epidemic prevention measures to work together for Taiwan's epidemic prevention to keep each coworker safe working environment.