6 months after invoice shipping date under specified storage condition.











1 year after invoice shipping date for Innolux IVA/PID, Toppan (ORTUS), Kyocera and High brightness.

Color Brightness: IPS>VA>TN
Viewing Angle: IPS>VA>TN
Response Speed: TN>IPS>VA
Contrast: Depends on design, each has its ops and cons.

8~12 weeks after the original factory confirms the responsibility.

Innolux industrial level products.

ex: LCM size/ resolution/ brightness/ interface/ application

Provide end-customer brand/ ODM/ quantity/ MP time and other related information, and the customer needs to have a meeting with the original factory to decide whether to open the case.

No products in stock, 16 weeks after placing the official order.

Industrial: 5 years
Amusement: 5 years
Vehicle: 10 years

lndustrial(POS/KIOSK/ATM/HMI),Amusement,and Vehicle.

The standard sizes are from 10.1inch to 32inch, however,customization request is welcome to discuss.











1 year after invoice shipping date.

ex: CTP size / LCM AA area / interface USB & I2C / application

NRE (Mold cost, tooling cost, etc.) is necessary.

The amount is depended on the size and modified level from standard specification.